Piece of my story when watched admirating "Bourne Trilogy" movies performed by Matt Damon

        This Movies is a trilogy  film about a spy struggle to rediscover their identity and the reason why he got involved in the chain of tasks that great but at the same time incredibly horrible.The main star is Matt Damon whose  plays a very admirable stunts and shows a different character from the previous films he had ever played.The story starts from the task of killing someone who did not work well because the inner voice in his heart make him realized that this is wrongsome action to accomplish, but bear with the condemnation of her disobedience and instead he will be the next target of the mission.

     This film is also peppered by romantic stories of interest despite the sadness that occurs in several scenes. identity search process and conflict in  the organization who have lost their integrity of what to be done for their country, all of that would to make this film more interesting to watch. in this movie you can also watch other talented actors like Chris Copper and Franka Potente

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